let's be friends

your new favorite third wheel

I'm so glad you're here! You've probably seen that I live for a good love story, and showing off those stories to the world LIGHTS ME UP!! My hope is that you don't think of me as a vendor or a hired hand. I want to be the friend that you have chosen to capture you in your element. Whether that's on your wedding day, celebrating your engagement, or documenting the next stage in your love story — I want to help you look your best and capture YOU authentically! 

photographer, educator, storyteller.

hey lovey, i'm Leanna!

a few things you should know about me...

I love my rescue dog Kermit, my pot belly pig Porky, Jesus, and a good home DIY! 

a few things you should know about me...

I spend way too much time strolling through TJ Maxx, it’s kind of my happy place!

a few things you should know about me...

I eat my Oreos and milk with a spoon (because I firmly believe that no portion of that cookie should be left un-dunked!) 

It all started when I was thirteen.

I've been obsessed with love stories for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was little, I have loveeed going to the movies and being transported into the love story to the point that I feel like I am LIVING IT!! You know that feeling when you leave the theater after a great flick?! 

I used to sit in my room for hours editing together clips from my favorite movies, coming up with ways to make them into a new love story. Are you picturing my pre-teen High School Musical-obsessed self yet?!

I picked up my first DSLR camera after graduate school with the intention of FINALLY pursuing my dream of film. For years, I wanted to be the person bringing those "movie" feelings to life, directing/filming love stories for the big screen. It didn't take me long to realize that there were love stories greater than the ones I could dream up all around me. THAT'S when I out my passions to work and found where my heart + soul lives! Now I photograph engagement/adventure sessions and elopements. Instead of inspiring others with dreamt up Notebook romance, I get to help you put YOUR love story on display for the world with the memories we create together!

For me, it's not about the perfectly posed and placed images, it's about the story. Where have you been, and where are you going — together?

what it's like to work with me

we all have a story... here's mine.

let's capture it.

Who doesn't love a personality quiz?!

1. when i grow up i want to be...

2. if i'm not answering my phone i'm...

3. if i could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be...

4. show i could re-watch over & over

5. at a party, I'm the one who's...


7. most likely to...

a. The  Bachelor
b. New  Girl
c. Heart  of  Dixie
d. Grey's  Anatomy

joanna gaines

at  TJ maxx

falling asleep at 8pm

sesame chicken







serenade you in the car 


(bring earplugs)

a. My voice is better than Stevie Nicks
b. I can do a backflip
c. I can touch my tongue to my nose
d. My elbows are double jointed

8. what's my hidden talent?

meet the coworkers




"Chief editing cuddler" 32% Chihuahua 
12% pit bull
50% kisses 

"master snack manager
who quickly outgrew the home office"

"greeter + personal alarm clock" 

favorite places I've explored so far 

and where I  dream of  going...